Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My next meeting

This will be a short entry because I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I need to get ready. My day has gone by pretty quickly, and it has been better than I had expected. I was able to get out of a meeting that had "bad news" written all over it. They moved the meeting 30 minutes earlier so it conflicted with previous engagement. Luckily, since I was not able to attend, all I had to hear was the manager's summary after the main media had finished. It was perfect. I got to miss all the yelling, screaming, and finger-pointing from within their group, and instead got the five-minute overview. Although the fingers were going to be pointed at me, and I would have been the target of a lot of the anger in the meeting because, I am the "bad cop close quote.

As an auditor, I normally get to give good employees good news and bad employees bad news. If you keep your numbers in order, keep your documents up to date, and do your job, my reviews become easier to do and quicker for everyone. If you are lazy, sloppy, or just don't care, your documents will be in a mess, your numbers won't balance, and nothing goes right. In these cases I write you up and send a note to your manager which usually means you get a pissload of heat from your boss.

Anyway, I got to avoid all the drama and just talked to the manager who gave me an action plan that should clean things up in the next few months. I don't mind being in an auditor, but I do hate it when people blame me for them not doing their own job.

On to happier topics. In 17 minutes I have a meeting with one of the most beautiful women in our building. I haven't seen her yet but she is always a good dresser, and she has perfect blond hair. The last time we met on her project, the installation of some new software for the accounting group, she wore a dress that was a little too short, and cut a little too low, for work. I mentioned that she looked very well dressed for work, and she said that she was going out for drinks with some friends after she was done. She said she didn't have anywhere to change her clothes so she had to come dressed for the evening out.

I told her that she'd always welcome to use my office to change if she needed some privacy. My office is tucked back in a corner of our floor that no one visits, and it has a lock on the door. She asked me if I thought it would be strange for her to get undressed in my office, and I told her that I could stay in and protect her if she felt unsafe. We both laughed at that idea, but I think she was thinking about it. She gave me a wonderful smile and told me that she would think about it next time.

Of course that will never happen, but the thought is kind of intriguing. I hope she takes me up on the offer when she has to go out with friends gain. The idea of her stripping off her clothes and standing in my office wearing nothing but a bra and panties, if that much, would be a wonderful image to add to the psychic energy of this office. She has long legs and a fantastic ass, and I have frequently seen the thin material of her thong creep between her ass cheeks when she spent over to pick something up. We used to hang out more together when I was in her department, but since I left that group I only see her on special projects.

Occasionally, she will wear a sheer white blouse with a matching bra underneath. She told me that she gets away with wearing stuff like that when she's not meeting with any of her internal clients. She told me that she likes to dress sexy but that our office environment was so conservative that she didn't dare do it very often.

I hope our meeting goes well. She is in charge of a project that needs to finish on time and under budget before Christmas. We are getting close, but as her project manager I may need to call a few extra meetings to make sure that she is on track. She has a very kissable face and in my fantasy we lean in over a document, kiss, and then let things go from there. I have fantasized about her going down on me while I sat in my office chair, and I have imagined her on all fours on my office floor naked, spread open, with me pounding at her from behind, doggie-style. She has been in my fantasies a lot lately.

She is in my fantasy right now. She will be here in five minutes so I better put my pants back on and let my erection go down. I would hate for her to find out how I really feel.

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