Monday, December 8, 2008

A quick rant on the way to the bus...

I have exactly 8 minutes until I have to go to the bus.

I have had a very good day today, even though I was dealing with idiots for most of that time.

I finished two big projects at work, sending them back to the managers for review and comment. My main comment of them was that their staff was full of idiots these are the idiots as mentioned above. I also got a call from my friends stockbroker, one of the sleaziest man I have ever talked to. And talking to my friend he freely admits that his stockbroker breaks the law constantly. I am not in the mood to go to jail. I am, as they say, too pretty for jail.

When I tried to tell him that I was not in the mood to jump into a extremely volatile market with what little money I had left, he acted as if I was an idiot. So I hung up on him. It made my day a much better place.

The link below proves that people who are in the fashion business have no business telling me about fashion.

The only saving grace to the post linked above is the blonde hottie on the right at this link the blonde on the left is also cute, but she is wearing horrible clothes, no matter how much she paid for them.

The other good news is that last night I had some fucking amazing sex. I know that sounds redundant because fucking is sex, but I occasionally like to use the F. word as an adjective and last night it applied.

We got in bed early, mainly because I was exhausted. She snuggled in next to me at about 10:30 PM, and actually started kissing me on my neck. That woke me up quickly and when she took off her pajama top, and stuck her hand down my pants, I figured she was serious. Because I was so sleepy, things got started slowly. We kissed and touched for a long time before I even got hard. Because things were moving so gently, it put her in an aggressive mood, I guess, and she, as they say, took things in hand.

After a few minutes of touching each other in our favorite places, she actually asked me if I wanted a little 69. Fully awake, and fully aroused, I didn't take long to assume the position. 10 minutes later we were both on the verge and she asked to change positions and I climbed quickly on top. A few more moments in missionary position and I was finished with a powerful orgasm.

We quickly pulled out her vibrator and finished her off. The best part about her finish was that she gave this terrific little gasp when I... Well, let's just leave it at that and maybe I'll finish this post later, but now I have to run for my bus.


greek said...

What's a great way to start the week!

Oh the suspense, you must tell what you did to elicit such a response.

Advizor said...

I handed the vibe to her, a corded vibrator that was long with a large, smooth bulbous head. It's been doing a great job for over 16 years.

I put it in her hand and told her to guide it. I wrapped my right arm around her neck to cradle her head and to pull her lips to mine. My left was free to roam and I let my fingers dance over her hips, inner thighs, and lightly brush over her swollen lips. Her excitement was building so I used the heel of my left hand to gently press down on her abdomen, just above an imaginary line between her hip bones. From her I pressed downward to her pubic bone, giving opposing pressure to the large vibrating head of the massager, trapping her clit between the two and covering it within her folds.

This kicked her breathing in to high gear and just as I sensed her climax approaching I used my pointer and middle finger to reach under the head of the massager and pull her lips open and upward, totally exposing her clit to 120V of electric hum.

The shift in sensation and the direct contact elicited a most delicious gasp and sent her back arching into an amazing 30 second convulsion. It was an inspiring moment that extended itself into about 10 minutes of passionate kissing as her heart rate struggled to slow down, and her vision to return.

She asked me over and over "What did you do?" I refused to tell her and all she said in reply was, "Well, whatever it is NEVER forget it."

We slept very well that night.

greek said...

Very nice technique, I suddenly have the urge to touch myself.

I’d be asking for that everyday.

Hopefully you get to put your talent to use again soon.

Advizor said...

Did you follow through with the urge? I certainly hope so.

As for next time? If our energy level is up, then tonight will be the night. I've been working late and getting home later, so it's been tough.

Let me know what you like and maybe I can try it at home....

greek said...

Unfortunately a crazy work schedule is not allowing the time needed to follow up on that urge, but it did provide for an exciting daydream on my drive in. I will admit I was quite wet by the time I arrived.

Nice to know that you are interested in learning and trying new techniques.... and the research is always fun.

As to what I like, I'll have to follow up on that when I have more than a few minutes (I know that's not very nice is it?)

Advizor said...

Now you are just teasing me to be mean... I'm glad I was able to help you with a nice little day dream. Any time I help out it makes me hard and happy.

Please find time to tell me more about you, either through e-mail or right here.

Do you have your own blog? I like the way you think and I would love to hear more from you.


greek said...

Mean, almost never. Tease, maybe ;)
I suppose I could have given you the short version, something along the lines of liking my pussy licked soft and slow then fucked hard and fast, but the real fun is in the details don’t you think?

Hard and happy……literally or figuratively?

I have considered blogging, I suppose we all want to be heard in some way (myself included) even if no one is really listening, but I decided not too. Time is definitely a factor but I’m not sure I want a running record of my insanity.

Advizor said...

Hard and happy……literally or figuratively?

Quite literally. I love knowing that my words get you wet. It arouses me to no end to think of you thinking about my words, perhaps, in the shower, the car, at work, or while with another.

And as for blogging. I live in constant fear that someone will figure out who i am in real life, but then another part of me says "WTF." This is how I think, this is who I am inside, so deal with it.

I'm sure my wife's lawyer would have a heyday with it if we ever got divorced.....

But I will say, "A running record of my insanity" sound like a good name for an autobiography.

greek said...

My arousal prompts your arousal. This could be never ending. Your statement actually makes me tingly. I love the power of words. I’m not sure which is better written erotica or porn, both are so great.

Do you think you’ve changed while those around you have not or have you always had to keep a part of you hidden? Do we hide because we want to or because we have to? Is this a strange way to feel free; accepted for who we really are? Just writing my thoughts now and I could ramble on and on so it’s a good time to stop.