Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

I don't blog much on Sunday mornings, or even over the weekend, for that matter. I try to stay busy with friends and family and get a little bit of fresh air outside. I am actually dictating this on Thursday evening and will schedule it to post on Sunday morning just to give the illusion that I am writing something every day. I don't know why I've been on a kick to write, but I know I have posted more in the past few days than in a long time.

I enjoy going to church on Sundays. I like the message that is delivered, I enjoy seeing my friends, and I truly believe that it helps me to stay centered if my life focuses on spiritual things as well as the mundane. Occasionally I am asked to sit up front are facing the congregation, in order to help with crowd control as people come in and out of the chapel. After everyone is seated I remain upfront, and while I know that I should be listening to the sermon, I can't help it but let my mind wander.

There are a lot of beautiful women in my congregation. It's not "my" congregation, so get that thought out of your head. What I meant to say was, but as I look out over the crowd I know I will see 20 to 30 extremely beautiful women, and triple that if you just want run-of-the-mill beautiful, or day-to-day sexy.

I wish I had pictures of them all to post, it really is a treat to sit up front, I am also concerned about giving out any real names, on the bizarrely paranoid notion that someone who knows me may actually someday read this blog, connect the dots, and out me as a man erotica writer and VBB (Very Bad Blogger).

All of the names have been changed in this entry. I have a few minutes before going to my buss and I thought I would fantasize a bit and share it with you.

Starting on the front left of the hall...

Kelly -short, slim, well muscled and tan, I know that she is completely waxed because of a very strange, late-night conversation I had with her two months ago. I asked her if she liked kissing her husband with his full beard, and without missing a beat, she said, "I took all my hair off, so he felt like he had to grow his in." Looking at her in the crowd, knowing that her sweet little body is completely shaved, is very arousing.

Samantha-a typical tall blonde California girl. Her parties put Martha Stewart to shame and I fantasize about her swimming naked in her backyard pool late at night while I watch from the upper bedroom window. In my fantasy she climbs out of the pool, nude and dripping wet, her body glistening shiny in the full moon’s glow. She lays on her chaise lounge, spreads her legs, touches herself, and stares right at me and beckons me to join her with a wave of her hand.

Kathy-is simply the most beautiful woman in the church. Porcelain skin, long brown hair, and currently very pregnant. The thought of rubbing lotion on her belly and her ready to lactating breasts is almost too much to stand. Of all the women I see on Sunday, she is the one I would want to get a blow job from. Something about the idea of having my cock in her sweet and innocent mouth, though she is the mother of four and soon to be five, is extremely erotic.

Michelle-she turned 18 this summer so that legal for me to include her on this list. As one of our youth leaders she got everyone's attention this summer at girl’s camp. While her swimming suits were always modest one-piece of affairs, it was impossible to hide the amazing teenage body that was just one thin layer of fabric away. I was only up at the camp for one day, picking up some of the girls who had to come home early, but luckily for me it was the day we all went swimming. The sight of her long, strong legs kicking her body through the water and she swim across Lake was terrific she pulled herself up out of the water at the end of the dock where I was sitting, and picked up her towel. She was the simple personification of youthful beauty, and the image of her has stuck in my head since that day.

I know that was only four of the many women I see at church each Sunday, but I wanted to say a little bit about them. Maybe I'll continue on my list in a few days or maybe I'll feel guilty for fantasizing about women who come to church to be better people not to be oogled by the ushers

We’ll see.


greek said...

Dictating on Thursday and scheduling a post is cheating I think.

Having said that I found this post to be delightfully naughty. I love the fact that you're sitting in front of church and thinking such naughty thoughts.

Is this considered sinning?

Advizor said...

I wondered if writing on Thursday to post on Sunday was cheating, but since I admitted it, i didn't think so. It's kind of like admitting to your wife that you are going to nail the hot new secretary in the future.

"Dear, you've met Angelica, she's hot, and I plan on seducing her in my office at noon on Tuesday unless you object. NO? Ok then.

The full disclosure rule applies and all is forgiven.

I'm glad you liked the post, and yes, I'm sure it is considered sinning.

my bad.

Anonymous said...

Are you LDS?

Advizor said...

I'm a Hebrew Nationalist, which means I really like Hot Dogs.

Assuming that you are the same "Anonymous" that posted on "GOOD IN BED" I have decided not to argue with you.

"Good in Bed" is a fabulous site with a wide range of opinions and a community of women who truly care about their relationships.

If you don't like my blog, don't read it. If you don't like the blogs I read, don't read them either. The world is really a very simple place.

I love my church; I love the people who come each week seeking solace and answers. I love watching them come in, some with their families, some alone, some smiling, some fighting back the tears. Everyone comes to God for different reasons, but the important part is that they come. They get up out of bed, drag a comb across their head, go downstairs to grab a cup, and looking up, they notice they are late.

I love God and I love the friendships and relationships with friends and bloggers of various faiths. I also follow several blogs that have a distinctly un-religious view of the world, true, but within many of them is a common theme of trying to find one's way, of trying to make this short and brutal life worth living.

So be happy, smile, read blogs that make you feel good. Say your prayers, read your scriptures, mentor the youth and strengthen the fellowship that you have joined.

Have a wonderful, Joyous day.