Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 things for Christmas

Name 3-5 things you would do to 5 (In no specific order) different blogger's on X-mas. Borrowed from Playfully Yours 

I'll admit, I've thought about doing a lot more than 5 things to most of these wonderful friends.

Blogger #1
1 - Meet you on the beach, finally, I just need to update my passport
2 - Collared, on your knees, where you want to be
3 - Inflict the pain you crave, the control you need
4 - Head down, ass up, no back talk, in fact, no talk at all
5 - Taking the pictures you long to share

Blogger #2
1 - Get you someplace warm
2 - Get you tickets to the Super Bowl (Vikings v. Steelers)
3 - Celebrate the Viking win with sex on the bikini-free beach.
4 - Make love in the sauna at the gym
5 - Get you in front of a professional photographer

Blogger #3
1 - Smack!
2 - Oh? You want another one? SMACK!
3 - Your bosses desk, chest down, skirt up
4 - In the bathroom, 5 minutes, no, make it 3
5 - Your husband? He can just watch. I think he likes that

Blogger #4
1 - Finally do HNT together
2 - Buy you one-way ticket away from your BF
3 - Recreate the pictures you first took for me
4 - Spank you like you've always wanted
5 - Snuggle in deep, watch the rain, make love till morning.

Blogger #5
1 - Finally get you on a video of my own
2 - Anal, Anal, Anal (because you asked nicely)
3 - Find you a better divorce lawyer.
4 - Get you off the phone and in my bed
5 - Learn to imitate that accent of yours.

Too Mushy?  Too Romantic?  Oh hush, it's 2 days till Christmas.   A little winter romance is allowed.


France said...

I like this idea that is floating around in blogland! I'd love to think I'm #3, or #1, whatever. Perhaps a mix of everything!! Yummm.

Merry Christmas XO

Lusting Lola said...

I'm with France. I'll take a mix of everything, please! (perhaps I'm being greedy)

Merry Christmas!!

Advizor54 said...

I could write a long list of things about a long list of bloggers. You are all wonderful.