Friday, December 17, 2010

FFF - 12-17 - Mirror Mirror on the Mall

78-148     "tentative touch"

Dude, you’re crushing my nuts, can’t you hold it higher?
Shut up, do you know how heavy this fucker is?
Big whoop, you’re mister “Meet me at the gym” Use some of those muscles
Are you kidding me?  It weighs a ton.  You couldn’t hold it for a second.
Maybe we should switch, your little dick wouldn’t get in the way
Very funny.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’ve been in the ocean, a very cold ocean.
You are such a prick, tip it back, get the sun out of my eyes.
I’ll do that when you get my hand off my ankle.  Is that your idea of a ‘tentative touch?” 
Dude, you are such a flamer, that’s what the director told me to do.
Yah, I get it, what ever gets you through the day man.
Oh admit it, you were looking
Whatever, well, maybe…

His agent had called with his first offer in weeks.  The bank account was a bit thin so he said OK.  Now he found himself on his back, staring up in to the eyes of a stranger.  His mind was racing as he listened to the director, trying to follow instructions, to calm his breathing, to pose, to just be part of the picture. 

The mirror didn’t help.  He didn’t want to see himself, that’s why he was a model, to pose, to create, to become someone, anyone but himself.  Am I the man in the mirror? He thought, laughing at the Michael Jackson reference as he lay naked at the feet of a naked black man.  The director’s voice intruded.  What?  Oh, OK. 

He reached out and felt his hand wrap around the ankle.  With that first tentative touch,  his arm relaxed, and the standing man smiled.

The touch was too soft at first, too tentative, distracting almost, but the director was confident and patient and soon Fletcher felt the hand wrap tighter on his ankle.

“I’m Fletcher.” He said, trying to defuse the tension.

“I’m Anders” said the man in the grass, “Glad to met you”

The mirror moved in his hands as he directed the light across Anders’ naked body.  He was glad he was hidden by the glass as he felt  his cock harden.  He tried to control his thoughts, to be professional, but when he looked down and saw the 2nd hard shaft his heart raced.  Their eyes met, Anders smiled up at him as the director yelled at them to be serious.  He looked up and into the camera lens, the wind felt good on his skin, and his outlook lifted.  It was good to make a new friend.

I told a friend that the challenge of FFF is to write on the days when you don’t like the picture, when it’s not easy.  Well, this picture was like that for me, especially at first. What do I do with two guys?  Now, I now the answer is easy and obvious for some, I’ve never written for that combination.  MMF?  Sure, MM? not so much.  So, admittedly, I was at a loss for where to begin.

Humor is a good way to start when you are uncomfortable, crack a joke, lighten the mood, deny the tension, and ignore the elephant penis in the room.  My dad would break the tension by saying we should “saddle up the elephant,” meaning that we needed to admit, address, and move on.  So what do you do when you have two beautiful naked men in a park?  You have them argue, it’s what men do best.  Starved for physical affection, men retreat into combat, insults, or conflict to deflect themselves from addressing other emotions, frustration, loneliness, inadequacy, fear, or attraction.  It is only at the end when one of the men cracks, and admits to anything. I imagine the last line of #1 was whispered, loud enough to be heard, but soft enough to be denied, if the reaction was harsh.

In all three scenarios they are being watched, these are not private moments, they are staged and stilted and any real reactions have to be veiled until later.  As his hand wraps around the other man’s ankle in #2, his heart rate drops, his arm relaxes and the photos are taken.  But what happened?  Did his confidence in his heterosexuality return and he realized that these are just pictures or did he realize that it was OK to be there, to be attracted, to be accepting.  Is he gay or gay-for-pay?  Is even an issue while the camera is rolling?  What happens next determines the real story.  #3 implies a future, it’s more obvious, more directly sexual, they smile, the admit, and both are planning. 

If you aren’t totally bored with all of this by now, the scenario below is the first one that came in to my head and I thought of it in script form…..(If you don't count the script notes, I stay within the word  limit)

What were they thinking (Scene 1)…

[Naked man in grass – voice over – his voice]
Ok, just breath, relax stay calm, it’s OK, nothing wrong here, just relax, but the grass itches and it’s tickling my ass.  DON’T think about it, just breath, relax, stay calm.  Be professional.  Dude, just be straight, don’t think about it, just breath, relax and stay calm. Yea, but that wind feels good. DUDE!!!  He’s right there, his ‘thing’ is right behind that mirror, are you crazy? Why did you sign up for this?  I don’t care if she’s cute, screw her photography class, this is too much, you haven’t even kissed her yet, you are such a pussy, I can’t believe you agreed to this.  Oh shit…

[Naked man with mirror – voice over – his voice]
Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down.  MAN!   You looked down. Don’t look down, don’t look down Don’t look down, don’t look down.  Man, you looked down again!

[Together – voice over]
Oh shit, it moved.

With our gracious host, Panser, out for the week, I took the liberty of posting last week's players here.  There are so many creative writers, let's get the word out and see who played.  And even if they didn't do a FFF post, they all have terrific blogs.  Pay them a visit.


France said...

I like your approach when it isn't so easy to find inspiration. I'll try it next time.

That being said, I liked the first one and also liked the scenario. The idea of grass tickling your ass makes me giggle. :)

Drenchxoxo said...

Well good morning (wipes coffee up). I read the first line of the first one and spit coffee everywhere as I cracked up. I think it was the "dude" thing. (chuckles)

I struggled with this picture too. I was gonna skip it but I didn't wanna be a pussy poster, if ya know what I mean.

Each week, you show us such varied takes on the pictures we have to work with. Nice work!

snow/nilla said...


i LOVEd them...all of them. my fav's however were the first and last ones, in order how they appeared in the post...your original??? PRICELESS!!!

i ADORED it.




Lusting Lola said...

Loved your take(s) on this! Your original was THE best. I agree with snow/nilla...priceless.

So glad you took the challenge.


TemptingSweets99 said...

LOL! For someone who didn't like the photo, ya done good with all the scenarios. I'm still chuckling at the script format.

Naughty Lexi said...

As others have said, for a picture that gave you difficulties you certainly seem to have overcome them. I think I may (I say may extremely cautiously) like the third one best, but the script one is tough competition.

Advizor54 said...

France - I'd like to make your ass tickle in another way....

Drench - I'm so glad you laughed, but I didn't take you for a spitter. :-) Sorry about the coffee stains.

Snow - Your enthusiasm is gratifying, when I saw it on my blackberry I laughed and confused everyone at my table.

Lola - Maybe our first reactions can be trusted after all.

T-Sweets - You liked the script? Maybe you can produce the movie version.

Lola - The third was my most blunt and sexy so I'm glad you liked it. The "original" is probably the most autobiographical...

Thanks to everyone who came by to visit.