Friday, December 10, 2010

FFF has me "shivering with desire"

She was so beautiful it made her heart race.  She felt her body moisten the masculine leg she straddled.  She looked across at her, shivered with desire, and realized sh could barely breathe.  Her skin was perfect, the hair radiant gold, long, soft.  Her breasts, and perfect nipples called to her and were now just inches away.  As she rested her hand on her thigh she thought about kissing, tasting, taking her for the first time.  Even if he had to be there, it was worth it. They smiled at each other, leaned in, and kissed, sweet bliss, Nirvana, Ecstasy made flesh, transcendent pleasure. 

He cleared his throat, hating to interrupt the two nymphs who’s kiss defined passion. 
“I’ve always wanted twins,” He said.

It was so strange, the nervousness, the fear, the guilt.  “Holy Shit Girl, what have you gotten yourself in to?”  Her husband’s thigh moved and she rocked against it, feeling his strength, his support. 

“Just put your hand…”  She nodded at them and smiled with shaky lips, shivering with desire.  She did not want to admit how little encouragement she needed.   

She felt more than naked, exposed, not a victim, but a sacrifice, “To what?” she pondered, she felt feminine hands on her skin, “To lust? To death, To freedom?” She felt tears and pleasure in equal measure.  She ground harder into the muscles of her beloved and reached out to familiar but alien flesh.  The first of many was welling up inside of her, and she put away fear

Just 2 for now, 127 words go by so quickly, they are but a beginning. 

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Naughty Lexi said...

Both very nice, although as a sick deviant I enjoyed the first one a bit more. It would have been fine without the twins aspect, as just the idea that the woman wanted to be with another woman but needed an excuse. But the twins were icing on the cake ;)

David said...

Very nice, "moisten the masculine leg she straddled", yes!! But what is this - even if he has to be there??? lol

Drenchxoxo said...

I chuckled at the "even if he has to be there" too.

God, I love that more than naked feeling.

TemptingSweets99 said...

I liked this line from the second story: "She did not want to admit how little encouragement she needed." Happy FFF!

wordwytch said...

Loved both of them. :) The 'twins' comment cracked me up. :) Good job this week.


Cheeky Minx said...

I'm with everyone before me. Both are great but the twins comment had me snorting my tea!

France said...

I somehow pictured James Bond when I read the lines about the twins. Don't ask. :)

R said...

I loved both of the stories, but the first one made me want to read more... ; )

The Panserbjørne said...

As always, it's a pleasure to read your (sometimes widely varying) takes. Thanks for joining us!

-- PB

Advizor54 said...

Lexi - I thought you might like that part.
David - Sometimes we have to admit we are in the way
Drench - "More than naked" is just right.
T-Sweets - We all need a little encouragement to break the rules, but not as much as we think.
Rosewolf - thanks for the compliment.
C-Minx - I hope you still enjoyed your tea
France - Bond and Twins do go together well.
R- I'll write more if you ask nicely
Panzer - I try to mix it up, I'd hate to get in a rut. :-)

nilla said...

i'm so late to join the chorus of "i loved them"...the twins line made me smile, but the best line of all was the alien but familiar flesh...what a wonderful way to describe the first lesbian caress (as a bisexual who lives IRL as a lesbian, i was very drawn to that imagery!)


Advizor54 said...

Nilla - Thanks for the support. As a bisexual living as a lesbian, how do you satisfy your needs for the masculine? You live an interesting combination of desires. And thanks for all the cookie recipes, you are making my diet very difficult (not that I'm trying too hard yet.)