Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love winter...

It creeps in slowly
as the long days fade
and sweaters replace tank tops,
boots replace flip-flops,
and bonfires on the beach give way to
long snuggles as the fireplace crackles.

It is winter when I think of you most.
Your love of all things Christmas,
how good you looked in jeans and snow boots
as you walked away
always looking over your shoulder
to make sure I was watching.

I remember our first long night together.
Schoolwork was done
books were back on the shelves
and you kindled the flames
and the heat, and the need.

Soft cotton pajama pants
bare skin, full breasts
your hand on my wrist
telling me how to bring you pleasure.

You were my first, the first
with the courage to show me.
"Not here", you said as my fingers moved.
"Here" and I felt the softness for the first time.

"Not so hard" you whispered.
"It feels better if you do this..." and you
moved my kisses an inch.
Never losing your smile
never passing judgment
teaching, sharing, bonding us together
making me feel like I was worth the time

It was your heels I first felt
tight on the small of my back,
ankles locked,
holding me tight
"harder now"
You led me past my fear of hurting you.
Your voice was urgent, loving, needing me
"Don't stop."
You owned your body in a new way
like no woman I had known before.

"I’m going to cum" you said.
with me, with us
you claimed if for yourself and you shared with me
you wanted me
you wanted pleasure
you wanted release
and you wanted me to be there

you had no shame
you had no guile
you were a woman who knew she was a woman
and you made me feel like a man.

I love winter
but I am sad when I miss you
when I miss the glow of your skin by firelight
your warm kisses as I walked out your door
I miss the way your wrapped me in your life
kept me warm
and made me strong.

Merry Christmas Kari.

(I had the perfect winter picture for this post, but I lost it in all of the cutting and pasting and refreshing and moving and, well, crap.  Imagine, if you will, a beautiful women by the edge of a lake, the ground covered in snow, on her tip-toes, bare, her bronzed skin in contrast to the white around her. She faces away, her back a smooth landscape against the freshly fallen snow.  If I can find it again I'll add it.)


Cheeky Minx said...

I don't think this post needs that image. Your words paint a beautiful and intensely heartfelt picture...

Drenchxoxo said...

This was absolutely lovely.

Beryl said...

Yes, your imagery was lovely.

France said...

I read the title earlier today and though "oh great, another one of those" :)

But but but...

I am so glad I read it and I can understand why you love winter! No pic needed - your words and my imagination are doing a great job together.

Lusting Lola said...

So full of love. Makes me want to curl right up in your arms.

Advizor54 said...

I hadn't thought of Kari in a long time, but then a friend mentioned the fire she was looking in to as we talked, another wrote about going to college in the snow, and yet another mentioned a first love, and the images and memories flooded back and the post just wrote itself.

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words.