Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday's Link Dump

I've been thinking what to do for my Saturday posts.  Sunday's have started to drift towards a certain theme, so maybe Saturday should do the same.  Maybe I can start linking to sites I like and just give you all something to do while you wait for Saturday morning cartoons are over.

So here we go:

30 Awesome Football stadium Cakes

Just in time for Christmas - A Bacon Nativity Scene

I have daughters, so I think about this stuff.


Lusting Lola said...

Ok. That bacon nativity scene is absolutely creepy! Ew.

The third link was very interesting. I think I'll definitely need to investigate that option more.

France said...

Yeah I can imagine changing my cup at work, coming out with a bloody mess on my fingers and a cup full of blood. Not likely.

Drenchxoxo said...

WOW. This morning I am truly glad I had a hysterectomy. I shudder at the thought of a "cup" anything!

You never bore us with the things you find to share with us. Thats for sure!

Advizor54 said...

I try not to be boring Drench. Anything but boring. And reading about "the cup" makes me glad that the only one I needed was during high school wrestling.

And Lola, a bacon-wrapped Nativity was perfect since, if my recollection is right, most of them were Jewish. Not very kosher...