Monday, December 19, 2011


I am a carnivore.

I eat meat.

On  Saturday I oversaw a dinner for 200+ people and we served 12 hams, and afterwards, I got to take one home. This morning, I was stripping meat off the bones for an omelet and I got this visceral connection to the animal-ness of the process.  I was holding a leg, a joint, a bone of a once-living animal in my hand and I was eating it's flesh.  It was a strange and primal moment.

And I loved it.

And yes, the omelet was delicious.

Of course, these kind are good too.


Johanna said...

There's no meat like the meat you've hunted, shot, slaughtered and cooked. Call me primitive... yes, come to think of it, I'm primitive :-)

Advizor54 said...

I grew up in a farming community and my dad always exposed us to the reality of where our food came from. When I went hunting wirth my friends it got even better

wordwytch said...

LOL! Amazing how disconnected people get from where food comes from and how interesting when it slaps us upside the head.