Friday, December 9, 2011

FFF - Fresh Roast Roasted

I rolled over and hit my head on a side table that didn’t exist the night before and tripped over shoes I didn’t own and landed on carpet that was not mine.  I staggered to feet I could not feel and looked for pants I could not find.  The smell of burnt coffee just added to the problem


The sun came through the window and danced off the large copper bowl on the wall.  It played across her face as if the sun, the window, the bowl, and the air were designed to make her even more beautiful.  She sipped heat from her ever-present mug.  Every kiss tasted of warmth and spice, and her skin smelled of dry roast overdone, burnt to bring out the bitter edge she kept well hidden.  She ran down our schedule, tourist traps, beaches, a small museum shop for Christmas presents, and dinner at her ex-girlfriend’s home to start the holiday.  She moved about the hodge-podge kitchen and stirred up eggs and Banana Chia pancakes.  Every day was a new flavor with her, and I could barely take it in.  She smiled and put her foot on the stove, showing herself under the simple robe.  She set down her coffee and extended her hand, “I think we have time before we go.”
Not a lot of commentary today as this post is already late in coming up.  I wrote the first ditty as i was falling asleep in the hotel room, waking up at 3:17 to roll off my laptop and shut everything down, glad that it hadn't been deleted by my hip.
She seems happy in the pictures, up early for coffee and breakfast, but present enough to brush out her beautiful long hair and get a fresh flower from the bouquet on the porch.  She smiles, knowing that she has a full day planned or her visitor who finally accepted the offer of a plane ticket and a holiday.
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Lusting Lola said...

Wow. What a way to start the day. :D

France said...

I like both. They are nice and light reads. Happy Friday :)

Cheeky Minx said...

I adore the elliptical nature of the first.

And in the second... "Every day was a new flavor with her, and I could barely take it in"... has me sighing.

Luna Moon said... both of them. The smell of coffee evokes a different feeling in each one. Very nicely done.

Max said...

Two lovely little pieces. The first makes me laugh, and the second makes me smile. :-)

Happy (belated) FFF!

Word said...

Two great pieces. The first reminds me of my week last week. Not feeling good and way too many meetings made for confusion. The second was good too. One of those where you want the story to continue just to explore the characters some more. Great job Advizor.

Jack and Jill said...

Finally got around to reading your stories. As usual, you spread more quality over two stories than I could over a single one. Great job.