Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday's Waiting

I've been telling my friend that, when I'm out of workin January, that I'm going to be painting parts of my house and working in the wood shop. But seriously, I think this painting project would be a lot more fun.

SuperSCAR/Roustan Body Paint from Roustan on Vimeo.


And, for those of you who are keepign track at home, I have NOT heard from my Houston friend here at work. She's had all weekend, Monday, and yesterday to respond, so I'm done worrying about it. All of my memories of her are wonderful and so we will leave it at that.


Hooters, for all its wonderful tackiness, was the perfect place for dinner last night. It wax Sexy Santa Tuesday and they certainly lived up to their name. Nothing makes a salad better than saucy on the side.

The waitresses there, the good ones, a a little like strippers (in a good way).  They have great people skills, they are fun and flirty, they get you to stay longer than you planned, spend more money than you should, and send you hope with your ego pumped up just a little bit, even if it's all just make-believe.  But isn't that what Santa is all about?  The hope that we get a special package under the tree?

And yes, for those who are wondering, she knows I took her picture, in fact, I e-mailed it to her...   :-)


Jack and Jill said...

Painted on clothes are definitely sexier than real clothes.

"And yes, for those who are wondering, she knows I took her picture, in fact, I e-mailed it to her..." You're so damned scrupulous! Good job.

Sorry that your friend hasn't been in touch, but it's great that you have pleasant memories of her.

Carolina said...

You e-mailed it to her....OMG you are such a charmer!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Kenny said...

I love that you emailed her sexy picture to her. Just out of curiosity...did you tell her you were putting it on your blog?

I always feel embarrassed to tell people that I blog.

O said...

I'd love to try a whole body painted suit sometime! The only thing is, it looks like it takes ages to put on!! I'm really not THAT patient a person..

I love the girls hotpants.. very sexy :)

Advizor54 said...

J&J - I had to admit to taking her picture because after dinner I took one with my waitress (unseen brunette) and then one of the two of them. I then had to show the pictures to them on my phone... Better to confess than get busted.

Carolina - A charmer? Not enough to get her to go to the movies with me tonight, but at least I asked, right?

Kenny - I didn't tell her I was going to blog it, but she said she was going to facebook it.

O -

Here's another lovely body painting clip. It looks great, but yes, it must take forever!

Her hotpants were very cute.

Elle said...

I want a Santa suit like hers!!! :P

And yes, good job at letting her know about the picture, and even better, asking her out. Hey, you never get anything if you don't try, right?

Mrs Discontented said...

I SO wish there was a Hooters near me!