Thursday, December 15, 2011

What do I fear - #1

What do I fear?

I fear that, when I leave this job, my world will shrink to a small street in a suburban town that is more concerned with the weeds in the sidewalks than the presidential elections and environmental reform.

I fear losing touch with England, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ireland, and all the states here in the US.  I'm afraid I will only talk to friends in person, and not the many wonderful friends I know and love on on-line, including the ones I haven't listed here (I'm writing quickly).

I want my world to stay open to new thoughts, new people, and new sensations. 

I do not want to live in a small world.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Follow your passions, this might be a great time to take a chance.

Can you incorporate your work skills with this joy of blogging?

France said...

Of course we'll stay in touch. Canadian girls are stubborn, don't you know that? ;)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

The size of your world has always been--and will always be--entirely of your choosing.

spanky said...
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wordwytch said...

Hey, We are only a click of a button away. And who knows where you new job may lead.